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  Personal Attention with a Competitive Price

Fithian Bros. Masonry begins each project with a meeting in person to discuss ideas, view the supplied prints and/or assess masonry repair work on damaged areas. We offer a thorough explanation of what needs to be done to complete the project correctly in a cost effective manner and we offer our eye on design ideas to fit each project.


We set ourselves apart from other masonry companies with our communication skills and a quick turnaround on our proposals. We realize that any commercial or residential brick masonry construction is a costly addition to your project but it is also a durable investment that will provide a lasting appearance that will stand the tests of time.


  A Family Business close to Your Projects

We pride ourselves on being one of the more diverse masonry companies. No job is too large or small for our company. Fithian Bros. Masonry is fully licensed, bonded and insured.  Please take the time to view our website and pictures of our completed work. We can stand above other masonry companies in the Metro East and Southern Illinois residential brick masonry construction business with our communication, quality of work, and fair pricing.


The following cities and surrounding areas are the areas in which Fithian Bros. Masonry concentrates its’ work.  However, we will work in most any area or counties in the Metro East and Southern Illinois.

Red Bud  •  Columbia  •  Waterloo  •  O’Fallon  •  Mascoutah  •  Shiloh  •  Belleville  •  Millstadt  •  Goreville  •  St. Louis



Quality Masonry Products


At Fithian Bros. Masonry we can help you in the selection of masonry materials that are not only of high quality but also competitively priced. We have installed all of the diverse materials that can be used in commercial masonry and residential brick masonry construction and repair. This includes full brick, thin brick, thin and full stone, manufactured stone, cast stone, limestone, glass block, concrete block and architectural concrete masonry units.


Full Service Fourth generations of experience are available to provide:

• Residential brick masonry construction

• Small commercial work

• Stone work

• Outdoor living areas

• Glass block

• Architectural block work

• Chimney and masonry repairs

• Tuck-pointing

• Fireplace construction

• Patios

• Mailboxes

• Indoor/outdoor showers



Quality Crafted Brick & Stone Homes


Fithian Bros. Masonry has an excellent reputation for quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service in the new construction market that other masonry companies cannot compare to. Whether your project is a full brick or stone home, a multi-family project or the front elevation of a house we are one of the top masonry companies for your project. Our list of customers for new construction is diversified from private homeowners, production builders, remodeling contractors, semi-custom builders, and high-end luxury home builders. Each project receives the same quality to detail regardless of size and is priced competitively.



There is an extensive choice of masonry materials available for new construction projects. These materials include thin and full brick, cast stone, natural and manufactured thin stone veneers and full bed stone. At Fithian Bros. Masonry we pride ourselves on having experience with all the above materials in our new masonry construction projects. Some masonry companies may only do brick installations but we also have a long list of intricate stone projects that we have completed.



With all brick and stone homes, the list of detail that can be added into the masonry walls is endless.

Some of our available options:

  • Arches
  • Quoin corners
  • Herringbone patterns
  • Stack rings around windows
  • Keystones
  • Or mixing stone into brick walls to create a cottage look.



Fireplace Facelift & Remodeling


Fithian Bros. Masonry has completed many new stone and brick fireplaces but we can also change your existing fireplace to give any room a facelift. Existing brick fireplaces can be changed to natural stone in as little as one day. To accomplish this look we use a manufactured or natural thin stone. These materials can be directly applied to the existing brick surface to create a more warm and rustic atmosphere. If you have a brick fireplace but the color is looking dated, we can apply thin brick to the existing fireplace to give you a new look with an old world feel.



Fithian Bros. Masonry also has extensive experience with new masonry fireplace designs. Many of these are on the new construction homes we have worked on. We can also utilize one of our masonry fireplace designs on your existing home or outdoor living areas. When adding any new masonry fireplace, you may choose from traditional, rumford, or see-through fireboxes. We have built firebox openings ranging in width from 2’ to 5’, with the most common being a 42”. We have the knowledge to adapt any type or size of firebox to fit your needs and ideas.



When adding a masonry fireplace to your home or outdoor living area Fithian Bros. Masonry also completes the concrete foundation necessary to support the added weight of the fireplace. This will eliminate the need to hire an additional contractor and we can complete the job in a timely manner. When adding or changing stone or brick fireplaces we will assist you in the selection of materials, design and location of the fireplace of your dreams.





The difference in many masonry repairs and tuck-pointing work is if you can see a repair has been made. If the brick, stone, block or mortar used do not match the existing work you will be able to see the repair. FIXED RIGHT!When time takes its toll or accidents happen,we are committed to quality masonry repairs.This is where we can differentiate ourselves from our competition. We have successfully completed many tuck-pointing and masonry repair jobs on buildings, homes and also historical renovations.



One of the most prevalent causes for masonry repairs and tuck-pointing is water penetrations in masonry walls. When water enters a masonry wall it takes an extended period of time to dry because there is no direct sunlight. During the cold winter months that we have in Northern Illinois any water that gets into a masonry wall freezes and expands. This becomes evident when the faces of brick fall off, mortar joints crack, or chimney caps or crowns crack. These issues can all be repaired more easily when they are first noticed. The longer the issue goes on the worse a water leak can get.



Another cause of masonry repairs are structural issues. Some of these instances are incorrectly sized lintels, or unsupported masonry arches over windows and garage door openings. We also complete projects such as changing steel door openings, parapet wall tuck-pointing and repair, load bearing block wall repairs.



  • Waterproofing
  • Chimney repairs
  • Tuck-pointing
  • Masonry Demolition and Removal
  • Structural issues
  • Lintel replacement
  • Historical Renovations
  • Glass Block windows
  • Glass Block showers
  • Brick repairs
  • Block and stone Foundation Repairs
  • Caulking work


Outdoor Kitchens, Grills & Fireplaces

  Custom Outdoor Kitchens

We have our own designs of outdoor kitchen plans or we can use any ideas that you may have and customize from there to fit your needs.

Backyard kitchens can be as simple as a grill surround built with stone or brick and as intricate as a large area incorporating an outdoor wood burning fireplace and chimney with a gas grill insert and areas for a refrigerator, beverage tappers, and warming drawers for plates.


  Outdoor Grills and Fireplaces

Fithian Bros. Masonry can build a masonry firebox and chimney and within the firebox we can create up to three levels which can accept grill grates to prepare foods that will cook at different rates. The most popular of our outdoor kitchen plans involves building a concrete block structure to support a gas or propane grill insert and veneering the exterior of the structure with stone or brick. These grill inserts are available in widths from 36” to 60” and are available in many different colors and finishes. This backyard kitchen design gives you a preparation area on one or both sides of the grill and does not take up a large amount of space in your yard. Countertop options are nearly unlimited and include flagstone, limestone, granite, marble and corian. The most cost effective and popular choice being limestone.


  Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces

Some of our larger outdoor kitchen plans incorporate fire pits and outdoor wood burning fireplaces to add more ambiance to your outdoor living area. Some options are a thin brick or thin stone 48” round fire ring, a traditional 36” masonry firebox with an arched fireplace opening, or as intricate as a rumford firebox with a stone veneer exterior and chimney.

Fithian Bros. Masonry can create the outdoor kitchen and outdoor wood burning fireplace that will be durable, functional, and the center piece of your outdoor living area.


  Timeless Simplicity

Fithian Bros. Masonry saw the consumer demand for outdoor living areas and are now proud to offer our expertise in creating the backyard kitchen or outdoor wood burning fireplace to complete your outdoor living area



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